From Sue Defreese
Last night at Zumba Michele asked us if we would give a testimony for her website. Of course I said I would. I have been doing Zumba for a little over a year now at 360 Fitness in New Canaan on Tuesday nights with Michele and her energy, caring, support and help have had a tremendous impact on my life.
Since doing Zumba I have lost almost 30lbs and I still have more to go. To all my firends if you want to get a great workout while helping others come join us at 360 Fitness on Tuesday nights at 7:30, believe me you will get an awesome workout and you will be hooked like I have. You will walk out with a smile. Thank you Michele.

From James Lacerenza

Now Michele said, "it would be great if everyone could give me testimonials to put on my Zumba website and to maybe tell a friend to come to a class if they've tried Zumba" - and I thought to myself - I have 800 or so friends on here, 400 or so live near me, why just put it up on Michele's website, we can do that too, but I'm an outgoing person, a "ham", let's tell everyone how this has worked out, so here we go:

"I go to Michele's class at 360 Fitnesss in New Canaan almost every Tuesday night and we modify some of the movements because I'm in a wheelchair. I have a blast dancing (or at least trying to dance - we just have a good time) through meringue, salsa, hip hop, pop, and a bunch of other genres. By going to class and the charity zumbathons Michele is involved in, my mood is automatically guaranteed to uplift because none of my classmates want to see me down (and neither do I towards them) I've made new friends, and we get a nice solid one hour of cardio in. It's a party, the time flies by, you lose track of time and then you're sad when it's over. You will feel exhausted but fantastic. 

Michele takes the time to get to know you on a one to one level, she's energetic, she's motivating, she's always smiling and happy and she is a wonderful person. I've met so many wonderful Zumba people through her, and I wish I could do it more than once a week. I'm addicted. It's really fun. I tried it twice before with my friends, and said, "eh, I don't think I can handle this." 

Then friends invited me to Michele's class. 

Five months and counting later, I probably lost a little weight by doing this and modifying my diet. For me, who has a hard time getting out of the house, the social interaction and the energy and the togetherness of a class like Michele's is priceless. So if you're hesitant or you're skeptical about Zumba in general or you've never heard of it, I can do it, anyone really can, and I love Michele like a family member. She's just a wonderful person."