Zumba® Fitness makes me smile!

I instantly became hooked after taking my first Zumba® class.  I love to dance but I really enjoyed the energy in the class and the "exercise in disguise".  Most importantly I saw a change in my body and my energy level.

Fitness For Your Cause® combines my passion for Zumba® and my mission to help those in need. So many people say they don't have time to volunteer or they don't have time to exercise .  This is a way for people to do both

My slogan is "Feel Good, Do Good!®" - Together We Can Make A Difference!  You don't just feel good, by doing good, but you can engage in an activity to feel good and at the same time do good for others.  Perhaps this a way to inspire others to be creative in charitable works.  For me, philanthropy is not just about writing the check.  It's about making a difference to those in need.  Truly, I get back so much more than I give.  I call it psychic income. 


I promise you that you will get a great workout and that you will leave class with a smile on your face and a smile on your heart.